About BIN 104

BIN 104 (credo): "Fun & Education"

Welcome to BIN 104 Fine Wine & Spirits a boutique wine & spirits store. We are aiming to become one of Edmonton's best wine & spirit stores. How are we doing this? Through fun & education, our store location, product selection and staff.

Fun & Education:

BIN 104 has put together a monthly sometimes bi-monthly newsletter and seasonal in-store tastings that are aimed at increasing your basic knowledge in a fun and friendly atmosphere.

Store Location:

BIN 104 is located at 5454 Calgary Trail Southbound in the city of Edmonton, it has been said that once you find us we are very easy to visit (see Map on our Contact page).

Product Selection:

BIN 104 has taken extra effort to be unique. We choose to have an import beer selection next to none. We focused on premium spirits.

"Over 100 single malt scotches and a great dark rum and bourbon sections. With progressively growing grappa, cognac and tequila sections." Our wine selection is "out of this world" oops - I meant to say "from around the world".

For your table or cellar Wines tasted and selected by BIN 104. Starting at the $10 everyday quaffable vin de table to that over $50 and then some dinner wines and collectables.

Staff & Experience:

8 (eight) free spirits with a passion for wine and spirits whose collective experience spans a few centuries. And yes - combined we have tasted everything in the store for quality control.